3D Printable Kyiv Chess Set

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An original chess set, designed for 3D printing, inspired by Ukrainian early 20th century pieces. This elegant set features narrow stems and broad bases, an unusually slender rook and a highly distinctive, aggressive knight. The fluted collars reduce the need for printing supports, ensuring that the pieces print smoothly and cleanly.

Resin files include pre-supported versions and solid version for printing in transparent resin.

You can download the pawn for free to test on your printer before you buy the full set. This download includes STL files for FDM and resin printing.

See this video for instructions on how to add weights and felt to your printed pieces.

This video shows you how to paint resin pieces.

Piece dimensions (mm)

King   diameter: 40 height: 102
Queen  diameter: 40 height: 88
Bishop diameter: 38 height: 77
Knight diameter: 38 height: 75
Rook   diameter: 38 height: 59
Pawn   diameter: 33 height: 52

Piece dimensions (inches)

King   diameter: 1.57 height: 4.01
Queen  diameter: 1.57 height: 3.46
Bishop diameter: 1.49 height: 3.03
Knight diameter: 1.49 height: 2.95
Rook   diameter: 1.49 height: 2.32
Pawn   diameter: 1.30 height: 2.04
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STL files for resin and filament printing. Resin files come with pre-supported versions.

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3D Printable Kyiv Chess Set

2 ratings
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