3D Printable Latvian Chess Set

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Fans of the Netflix show The Queen's Gambit may recognize this set - it appears in the final episode of the series where Elizabeth Harmon played against Vasily Borgov in Moscow.

This striking, minimal design was popular throughout the Soviet Union around the 1950s. Its sleek lines still look modern by today's standard. The wide, flared bases make the pieces very stable and a pleasure to play with. An excellent set for rapid games as the pieces are sturdy and resistant to toppling over.

Resin files include pre-supported versions and solid version for printing in transparent resin.

See this video for instructions on how to add weights and felt to your printed pieces.

This video shows you how to paint resin pieces.

Piece dimensions (mm)

King   diameter: 44 height: 105
Queen  diameter: 40 height: 86
Bishop diameter: 37 height: 73
Knight diameter: 37 height: 72
Rook   diameter: 37 height: 64
Pawn   diameter: 35 height: 54

Piece dimensions (inches)

King   diameter: 1.73 height: 4.13
Queen  diameter: 1.57 height: 3.38
Bishop diameter: 1.45 height: 2.87
Knight diameter: 1.45 height: 2.83
Rook   diameter: 1.45 height: 2.52
Pawn   diameter: 1.37 height: 2.12
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STL files for resin and filament printing. Resin files come with pre-supported versions.

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3D Printable Latvian Chess Set

1 rating
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