3D Printable Staunton Chess Set

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These pieces are inspired by the original 1849 design, but updated and optimized for 3D printing.

For FDM printing the King's cross is provided separately so that it can be printed flat on the build plate and glued in place.

Resin files include pre-supported versions and solid version for printing in transparent resin.

See this video for instructions on how to add weights and felt to your printed pieces.

This video shows you how to paint resin pieces.

Piece dimensions (mm)

King   diameter: 44 height: 102
Queen  diameter: 40 height: 79
Bishop diameter: 36 height: 72
Knight diameter: 39 height: 66
Rook   diameter: 39 height: 57
Pawn   diameter: 30 height: 48

Piece dimensions (inches)

King   diameter: 1.73 height: 4.02
Queen  diameter: 1.57 height: 3.11
Bishop diameter: 1.41 height: 2.83
Knight diameter: 1.54 height: 2.60
Rook   diameter: 1.53 height: 2.44
Pawn   diameter: 1.18 height: 1.89
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STL files for resin and filament printing. Resin files come with pre-supported versions.

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3D Printable Staunton Chess Set

1 rating
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